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What are Appeals and Complaints?  Is there a difference or are they one at the same?

Appeals and Complaints are your requests against any dissatisfaction you experience in your learning environment as a student of AOU. Appeals and Complaints are not the same, so when requesting for a review you need to be clear about the difference.


What are appeals?

Appeals refer to your formal request for review of grades scored in the continuous assessment (MTA and TMA) and the final exam.  You may appeal against the grades awarded to you in your assignment as per the formal procedures of appeal set by the university.


When can I appeal?

Appeals must be made within seven days of having received your grades and should be adequately

supported by evidence.

What is the information required from me to appeal?

You will be required to fill up an online form and provide all details about the issue that you are appealing or complaining against. You will also be required to provide your student identification details including your name, and contacts, and names and details of any other entity involved in the matter.


What does the appeals process involve once I have complained?

Appeals: Once you have appealed against the grade awarded to you, your appeal will be sent to the Branch Examination Committee (BEC).If the appeal was made against the final examination results, the Branch Programme Coordinator and the Branch Course Coordinator will study the appeal and forward their recommendations to the Branch Examination Committee (BEC) along with the examination script and any other relevant material (TMA, MTA). The BEC will look into the examination script to ensure that all answers are marked and that compilation of marks is conducted properly. Based on the outcome, the BEC will take a decision. The decision is either appeal upheld (recommendation for change of marks) or appeal rejected (no grounds for appeal). If the appeal is upheld, a copy of the BEC decision will be sent to the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs (VRAA) and the Central Examination Committee (CEC) for approval. The grade will only be changed after the approval of the CEC. The BEC decision will be communicated to you through the student affairs office.


How long would the entire process take?

Since we want to ensure the best for you, the entire process may take from 2-3 weeks. However, you may expect a reply earlier depending on the nature and gravity of your problem.


Is my physical presence in the campus required?

No. All your appeals may be recorded electronically on the appeals available on the Student Support System (SSS). Unless otherwise required before the complaints and appeals committee your physical presence will not be required.


What can I do if I am not satisfied with the decision of the committee? Is there another place where I can appeal?

If the student is dissatisfied with the decision to dismiss the appeal, he or she may appeal through the Branch Director to Faculty Examination Committee (FEC) within 10 days of notification of the decision in question.


Is it alright for me to appeal or complain against a tutor or staff?

Yes, at no point of time will you be at a disadvantage for having made a complaint. Your dissatisfaction with academic or administrative services is of serious concern to us and we need to hear from you so as to improve matters and assure the quality of services in creating an enabling learning environment.


Will my information be kept confidential?

Yes, complete confidentiality will be maintained regarding your request and no information whatsoever will be revealed to anyone without your permission other than those handling the case.


Can I withdraw my complaint at any time?

Yes, just as you have the right to appeal, you also have the right to withdraw your appeal at any time.


What do I do if I am dissatisfied with the AOUs handling of my complaint / Appeal?

If you are registered for an Open University Validated Award Programme and still dissatisfied with the decision of handling your appeal / complaint , you may complain to the Open University.

You will find more information on this process in the Student guide to studying on a programme validated by The Open University.



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