Information & Cultural Department

  The Department of Cultural Relations and Information at the AOU-HQ and all Units of Public Relations and Information at    AOU branches are seen as the mirror of the University since they reflect its positive image locally, regionally and internationally. The Department of Cultural Relations and Information has vital roles inside and outside the University’s walls. It mainly strives to create public awareness about its cultural and scientific roles among the targeted sectors of community. Moreover, it aims to disseminate knowledge and awareness about the philosophy and approach of blended learning and its features, and market it through maintaining closer ties with academic and scientific research centers as well as civil society organizations. This, therefore, helps to create a constant cooperation and partnership. The Department also keeps active contacts with all means of printed and audio-visual media to deliver the AOU’s message and mission, and its research and academic role. In addition, it seeks to promote the developmental, social and national roles of the University through participating in all activities and events that reflect the positive image of the University and its developmental objectives.