Admission, Registration and Examinations Dept. /HQ (ARE-HQ) is one of the department under the supervision of Vice President for Academic Affairs office.

ARE-HQ is the central Department that cover under its guidance and consultation all the Admission, Registration and Examinations departments in the eight branches, concerned with all matters related to student life cycle in AOU starting from the admission until pre-graduation.

ARE-HQ provides the branches with the suitable training for the department’s employees, as its vision is to standardize all the processes and tasks related to the department regardless of the geographical location and Higher Education ministries requirements, this is to provide the student with the finest quality of services to facilitate their academic journey in AOU.

Some of ARE-HQ is responsibilities are mentioned below:

  • To manage newly registered students count and data
  • To maintain/manage all continuing and graduate students’ records and generate any statistical report related to them.
  • To coordinate and administer all university regulations regarding admission registration, and examination
  • To generate Academic calendars and schedules for AOU.
  • To produce instructive regulations for some bylaws when needed.
  • To manage examination sessions and provide branches with exams copies
  • To generate grades ratification reports, and manage students appeals and complains.
  • To check prospected to graduate transcripts then proceed in their graduationTo provide student with OU and AOU certificate.
  • To generate forms and template to unify the processes between branches.

Download Admission Dept. Manual

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